Massage Therapy

Spa West

Enjoy the variety of massage therapies that Spa West offers. All our treatments are delivered tailored to your needs and preferences. The stimulating massage you receive is composed in such a way that rejuvenates and energizes your full body.

Massage therapy relieves tired, sore muscles, alleviates pain and tension and improves circulation. You will notice a difference in your movements: tasks that you could only execute with difficulty before, become easy, pain free and smooth. Nothing radiates more youthfulness than a calm mind and a strong body.

Select your preferred massage style from the below options and get carried away!

Relaxation Massage
A mild to moderate pressure applied with a Swedish method of massage.

30/60/90 minutes


30/60/90 min
A relaxation massage for expectant mothers. A prenatal pillow may be used for extra comfort.

30/60 min
Deep Tissue Massage
A firm Pressure massage, targeting specific concerns on the body.

30/60/90 min


30/60/90 min
Hot Lava and Essential Oil Massage
A massage incorporating Hot Lava Stones and essential oils. Stones are placed on pressure points as well as used applied to the body during the massage. Aromatherapy oils allow for a very relaxing experience.

Salt and Oil Scrub
A full body experience leaving your body refreshed and your skin smooth. Salts and oils combined to improve tone and texture to the skin.


Body Bliss
Combining and salt and oil scrub as well as a 60 or 90 minute body massage. The ultimate of relaxation salt and oil is massages on to the body and removed with hot towels finishing with a full body massage.


Foot and leg exfoliation           $25
Back exfoliation                             $25
Aromatherapy Oils                        $20